Frame & Build FAQs

How is the Chassis made?

The Ironhorse trailer uses the traditional ladder type frame made mostly of 1/8 inch thick 2″ x 3″ box steel. All corner joints are are mitered and MIG welded.

Will it rust?

The chassis is steel and will rust if not properly protected. All frame components are either box steel or tubular/channel steel and are properly painted before assembly. No angle iron is used.

Electric brakes, are they factory fitted?

Yes, the any Ironhorse can be fitted as a option with electric brakes and a “breakaway” battery. (This applies the brakes in the event the trailer becomes unintentional unhitched from the tow vehicle.) Any Ironhorse trailer can have electric brakes added.

What is the floor made of?

All Ironhorse trailers use 3/4″ Advantek for flooring. This is an engineered wood product from Huber that was originally developed for northern home builders. It is impervious to moisture and will not warp, swell or split when exposed to moisture for extended periods of time. This product is produced with a 25 year warranty

Are there any interior lights ?

Yes, there is an overhead light inside the trailer that operates via the tow vehicle electrical system.

How do I secure and lock the trailer?

There are four 3/8″ locking rods that securely latch the tailgate, flip-top and trailer. A key lock is an integral part of the handle that controls the locking rods. Additionally, an electronic security system is available as an option.

Do the trailers come with a spare tire?

Available as a option you can get a matching wheel, tire and mount

Vents, are the trailers ventilated?

While the trailer is weather -proof, it is not totally sealed. Your bike(s) will not get dirty/wet and and luggage placed in the trailer after you have tied down your bike(s) is protected from the weather. There is adequate ventilation around the hinge points, etc., that will preclude a build up of fumes.

What is the trailer warranty?

Ironhorse Trailers come with a 2 year limited warranty on workmanship and materials. The Dexter Toroflex axle has a 5 year limited warranty on workmanship and materials. The Advantek flooring material has a similar 25 year warranty. Your purchase of an Ironhorse Trailer activates these warranties.

Service and Support, where can I get it?

Southeast Texas Motorcycle Trailers can obtain any appropriate service that might be needed. Experience has taught us that very little service, support is needed.


Buying FAQs

Can i special order a color scheme?

Yes, we will work with you and the painter to create the desired effect. Also, wraps (graphics) should be considered.

Can electric brakes be fitted later?

Yes, electric brakes can be easily retrofitted if you should decide you need them at a later date.

How tall is the trailer, will it fit in my garage?

All Ironhorse Flip-top models will fit under a standard 7′ garage door. Both the 1 bike and 2 bike trailers are designed to fit in the place of one car in a garage. Owners typically place their trailer in the garage and park their bike(s) in the trailer, in the garage.

Hitch size, what is its size?

All Ironhorse trailers use a 2″ ball. The 1 bike trailers require a Class I (or greater) hitch and all 2 bike trailers require at least a Class II hitch.

Can I get an alarm system fitted to the trailer?

Yes we have security systems in our Parts Dept or as a aftermarket option, or you can have it factory fitted.

Wheels, are there any options?

While the trailer is weather -proof, it is not totally sealed. Your bike(s) will not get dirty/wet and and luggage placed in the trailer after you have tied down your bike(s) is protected from the weather. There is adequate ventilation around the hinge points, etc., that will preclude a build up of fumes.

Stock, how much lead time is needed for a trailer thats not in stock

Typically, 6 to 8 weeks, depending on a number of variables. We are happy to work with you in this event.

Financing your trailer

Yes, we have financing available or will work with the financing firm of your choice. Ironhorse trailers are typically financed as recreational vehicles.

Sales tax if I am buying outside Texas?

Texas Sales tax (6.25%) is not paid if you are not a resident of the State of Texas. Southeast Texas Motorcycle Trailers will provide you with the appropriate documentation that will allow you to register your trailer in your state of residence.

Are there trailers in stock?

Yes, we have One N done’ s and Flip-tops, both 1 and 2 bike models.

Trade ins, do you take trades?

Not typically, but please ask. We don’t want that to become an obstacle in you owning an Ironhorse. We can possibly help you sell your trailer.

Used trailers, do you stock them?

No, we do not at this time. However, please ask.

Harley dressers, which trailer will fit 2 of them

They are accommodated side by side with about a 6″ stagger in the wheel chocks in the 2 bike trailer models, or they fit with ease without stagger in the new WideBody trailer.

I want a different style or a variation

We normally dont customize apart from paint and decals, but hey give us a email or call, lets see how we can help you out.

Why should I spend money on this trailer and not a box trailer

There are many reasons why spending the extra money for an Ironhorse makes sense. Purchasing a motorcycle trailer for most people is a once in a lifetime event. An Ironhorse Trailer is built to provide reliable service for 20+ years. It looks good and pulls easily and gives real pride of ownership. Can you say that about a box trailer? You can keep it in the same place you are now parking your bike(s). With the current cost of fuel, the aerodynamic shape pays you every time you tow the trailer. Also, you can pull it with a smaller vehicle. These are just a few of the many things said to us by Ironhorse owners expressing their satisfaction with the product.

How do you load and tie down the bikes in the trailer

Either have your rear stabilizer legs extended or have the trailer completely attached to the tow vehicle. Ride your bike up the ramp, align with and ride forward into the wheel chock. If you have Ironhorse drive-in, step -off wheel chocks, then step off and tie the bike down. With some other brands of wheel chocks, you might have to have someone hold the bike while you tie it down.


Capacity FAQs

Weight capacity , how much can the trailers carry

This is governed by the axle capacity. The 2 bike trailers have an axle capacity of 3500 lbs. and the 1 bike models have an axle capacity of 2000 lbs. Using the most extreme example (2 bike flip-top @ 1050 lbs.) adding 2 Harley dressers (typically 700 to 850 lbs each) @ 850 lbs each, equals 2,750 lbs. This is still well below the 3500 lbs. capacity. You could still put 750 lbs. of luggage, camping gear, etc. and not be too heavy.

Do you have any large trailers?

The largest Ironhorse trailer available is the Fliptop WideBody. Its a big trailer and can fit a smart car.


Delivery FAQs

Do you deliver trailers ?

We can arrange for delivery either locally in Houston (normally no charge) or anywhere in the USA for a nominal charge.

Can you deliver to me in another state?

Yes we can transport your trailer nationwide for pretty good rates